The mission of our blog site is to encourage any and all visitors to perpetuate and develop their religious and/or spiritual identity…also known as ‘religiality’.  We want to promote healthy lifestyles of all visitors by focusing on the wellness dimension of spiritual health.  We believe this place of wellness can be achieved through a journey in which the genuine identity of each individual is discovered.  Once this identity is discovered, we feel visitors will be more comfortable and confident with sharing their perspectives on major current public issues, regardless of what their opinions may be. 

The goal is for more people to become involved in larger conversations about events throughout our lives while feeling they can do so without the fear of being judged or ridiculed for what they may believe.  It is important that all people desiring to have a voice in larger conversations have the ability to express their views. 

This blog is a place for people of all beliefs, known or unknown, to further discover or evaluate their perspectives. We encourage you to do so while considering others’ views and supporting others pursuing the same goals in their journey. As the creators of this blog we hope to embark on this journey with you and join your conversations.  As we continue in our day-to-day lives we also are developing our identity and polishing our perspectives. We look forward to the opportunity to learn from you and encourage you to share the stories of your journeys with us, as we share ours with you…


One thought on “About

  1. I didn’t know where to leave this comment, but I though the about page would be good. I really like the theme you chose, its clean and easy to read. The picture is awesome!

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