Are You Well?

Those who believe in holistic medicine recognize eight dimensions of wellness which contribute to an individual’s overall health. There is much debate that the spiritual dimension has the most significant impact on health.  To reach a  place of optimal spiritual health, one must embark on a journey to discover the unique values, beliefs, and morals that will contribute to their life purpose. As part of this site’s mission, we (the creators of Religiality) aim to guide you in developing this state of spiritual wellness.

The number of people who are uncertain about their religious or spiritual identity is constantly growing.  Those that have not developed this identity are more likely to lack direction in their life which ultimately leads to more stress and derails them from a path of wellness.  The benefits experienced from spiritual health are definite and numerous.  A few of these benefits include increased experienced optimism, hope, relaxation, boosted immune function, less cardiovascular disease, and ultimately lengthened longevity.

Although the journey to discover one’s unique identity can be long and grueling, it is clearly important in perpetuating a state of spiritual wellness and directing life purpose. We hope that instead of disrespecting each others beliefs and perspectives that this blog can instead provide a place where we can support each other and promote the development of spiritual health.  That is our goal, and we hope that soon it will be yours too. Whether you are a person looking to discover, revamp, or polish your identity… we hope you will join us throughout the journey and become spiritually well.